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The idea of redesigning Medium's editing experience occurred to me. However, I knew that having a self-referential design to satisfy myself is not smart. So, I started the 3-week personal project with user research. *This project is the redesign of the Medium website(not the mobile app). The project was done in March 2020 Public redesigns that are broadcast to thousands, potentially millions of people around the world are a new phenomenon, a product of the social media era. Such reach and immediacy can have both. Hey guys! Here's another quick redesign video. This time, however, I'm going to focus more on Information Architecture and the UX than the user interface its.. Looking back on the whole process, redesigning this app and working on this case study taught me that users are still the core of any design decision and that the smallest thing can have an effect, such as altering the structure of an element. The process of learning is constant. So that was the redesign I have done on ShareChat

A redesign is never really done; it's a continuous effort to keep experience relevant. Start with building shared understanding. As a designer, your role is to bring everyone on the same page and unite over one common goal. First, interview stakeholders to understand what and why we are trying to achieve for the business and on what timeframe Read writing from Paradigm Redesign on Medium. Writer, hereditary white/green witch, empath, hedgerow herbalist, tarot & rune reader, psychonaut, truth-seeker, freedom-lover Medium's redesign is also reflected in new iOS and Android apps released today. Medium was founded in 2012 by Twitter co-founder and Blogger creator Evan Williams. The website has sat in the weird. Responsibilities: Research, Product thinking, UI redesign. Outcome: Improved the information clarity & interaction efficiency of the candidate details page of SpringVerify. Client. Springworks (previously SpringRole) is an HR tech company building products to simplify recruiting

Redesigning the SaaS application was a whole different challenge from any of the other prior projects I engaged in. Beyond simply understanding how the current app works and what challenges users face, I had to deeply consider the exact context behind productivity tools and how I can incorporate features that smoothly complement the current. Art Basics - 3D Matte Gel (8 fl. oz.) SKU: 655350961398. Add to wishlist Adding to wishlist Added to wishlist. Out Of Stock

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My Role: UX Designer | Client: Alpen Life| Duration: 3 Weeks Alpen Life is an application that is committed to building a community of mountain goers. Our team was tasked by Alpen Life to improve the information architecture of their existing native application as well as investigate the various goals, needs and pain points of skiers and snowboarders who would potentially use their application. 3.1 — their general behavior in shopping online on e-commerce. 3.2 — their experience in shopping with Shopee. We asked them to show us how they usually buy things at Shopee. At that time they shared the screen while telling their journey, at the same time we captured their behavior and problems

Notion is a hugely popular note-taking and data management tool for both individuals and large corporations alike. However, not everyone finds it easy to navigate. Over the course of a six-week sprint process, our team redesigned Notion's navigation system to make it easier for users to find the pages they need My solution was to redesign the Feature Slides in the style of Apple's Website — Jumbo slides that fill the viewport width, with a horizontal indicator of where the user is in the slideshow. I. The redesign addresses these issues by placing the Sale section easy to reach from the home screen, suitable for price-conscious customers. Sale products are categorized in the same intuitive manner as products in the Aisles section (i.e. Produce, Dairy & Eggs, etc.). The showcase of products is also the same

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The impact of this redesign would be a decrease in miss clicking, a faster user flow with less click and an increased satisfaction about clarity of the interface. We also thought about a next step : to help simplify the helping process Redesign Media will build you a professional website from the ground up. Artwork & Graphics. Responsive functionality. SEO Setup. Hosting. And more+. Find out how ReDesign can take the hassle out of building a website with our full service packages. Play Video The scope of the redesign for Fokcus was for its webapp, a platform that originally had a wide set of features they wanted to implement. From checking in users at their live events, to uploading assignments from mentors to mentees, to having a Khan Academy style curriculum for the users. In short, there was a lot to cut back on

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Here is the prototype version of the Home Page Redesign Finally I asked a couple of content creators and my friends to go through the new home page and they found it pleasing and easy to navigate compared to the existing home page Coping with Redesign: Catan Universe How you can easily ruin a product (and your users' lives) with a redesign that ignores core UX heuristics. L iving in one of the top global pandemic hotspots when the Covid-19 cris i s began, I started to seek a sense of human connection and fun to help me cope with the quarantine Introduction. In 2015, Figma was unveiled as a web-based design tool that empowers designers to have a collaborative and cloud-based design process. It also featured a straightforward tool to help designers create prototypes of their ideas or share them with others. All we needed was a web bro w ser to start designing, no matter what the OS was. Figma was there to shift the product design. DÉCOR MOULDS®. Elevate your decor projects with our Redesign with Prima® Decor Moulds®. Made of high quality heat resistant and food safe silicone, our Decor Moulds® can be used with a variety of mediums such as paper clay, modeling materials, clay, resin and even chocolate confections. As easy as pouring your favorite medium and releasing. Try redesigning or at least studying this one for a change. What you will learn: User interactions and journey mapping; Prototyping; User needs and behavior for the health industry; Social computing. So, the next time you think about redesigning Spotify or Apple Music, think twice

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  1. DÉCOR TRANSFERS®. Instant beauty on virtually any surface you can imagine. Our Decor Transfers® are easy to use rub-on transfers that release onto a wide variety of surfaces allowing for a multitude of decor, furniture and multi-media uses. Simply peel, rub-on and transfer a beautifully detailed design to transform your next piece into a.
  2. Redesign of banking app with the core objective of improving process efficiency in the banking system, to solve the problems about users complaints. to make onboarding easier and registration flow for new and existing users by simplifying the necessary steps needed
  3. g from an analysis of U.S. CDC mortality data that was updated on October 21, 2020
  4. Logos often form the center of a brand's marketing strategy. Color schemes and styles are all informed by it. A lot of planning, thought and research is put into selecting every component of th

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Context. In a little bit of context, I previously joined my friend (Bella Rosita & Della Clarissa) to do research and redesign apps that are quite famous lately which is Shopee.Since this article is both the sequel and also the end of our whole case study, if you haven't read the previous part of my friends' article, you can go through that first from Link [Part 1 — Introduction. 400mm x 400mm. REDESIGNS. Hom Stage 1 — Empathise. Therefore, we decided to do the research in three ways: An online survey, via Google Forms.; In-depth interview, via Zoom. Comparative analysis, compare the app with its competitor. By doing t h ese, we uncovered users' motivation, behaviour, preferences,and similar apps they use.. Online Surve The SPORE staking module is t h e main one or bank, this is because all the yield generated by the rest of the liquidity pools are in SPORE, meaning that all the yield can be staked here to gain more compound interest upon what is already being generated.. This pool is represented on the left side of the UI for a better generalized and global visualization of the funds being staked. These brands are long overdue for a brand redesign, but they are also brands that we know and love. So any brand changes will most likely be difficult to maintain customer loyalty, so it will be very interesting to see how it plays out. Feedium on Medium #5 from JJ Pryor. J.J. Pryor in Feedium

Redesign #2 - Receipts. Jack Jarvie. Nov 12, 2017 · 3 min read. I recently had to send a parcel to a friend. Straight forward enough process, package the item up, take it to the post office, pay for it to be sent and I'm done. And that's what I did, nice and easy Thanks Fernanda and Martin — Design and Redesign added a new dimension to my data visualization practice. While in Kevin Quealy's D3 course at Metis this summer, I took inspiration from this post — specifically, Alberto Cairo's redesign of Accurat's From First Published to Masterpieces visualization. I thought, why not take my own swing at a critique by redesign and try. Snapchat is popular messaging app that lets users exchange pictures and videos with one another. More than 90% of Snapchat users are between the age of 13-24 years old, and roughly 61% of Snapchat users are female and 38% are male according to the public statistics and demographics provided by Snap, Inc The Youtube Redesign That Got Me Hired. Pramiti R Khan. Follow. Jan 12, 2019 · 13 min read. Personally, I am not a fan of unsolicited redesign efforts that I see around the web. The reason is most of these designs are solving problems that do not exist. With few exceptions, the redesigns are mostly focused on the visual look of the product.

Case Study: Redesign BCA Mobile. Kent Martin. Feb 22 · 5 min read. Redesign BCA Mobile. Hi everyone! This is my first project, redesigning one of the most popular banking applications BCA Mobile or m-BCA. This project consists of 4 members including me, who are still quite new in UI/UX design. Without further ado, let's jump to our case study Spotify UX redesign — UI/UX case study. Fathih ahmed. Apr 30 · 4 min read. S potify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider, founded in 2006 by Daniel EK. It is one of the most popular music streaming services right now. I'm an avid user of Spotify and I absolutely love it

Picture Source: Metro.co.uk. Knowing Instagram is the worst social media among others refer to article posted on TIME which might cause anxiety, depression, bullying and FOMO also the fact that in Indonesia, according to CNBC article, followers and likers are such an effortless promising online business.. This triggered me to put more attention on Instagram Story for this task as the latest. It is a redesign of the popular blogging website Medium.com. The website is now more elegant. You can also find several minor improvements. It is designed with Bootstrap-5.0. - GitHub - RIR360/Medium.com-redesign: It is a redesign of the popular blogging website Medium.com. The website is now more elegant. You can also find several minor improvements Mockup of header image for new R&D Studies offering Background: Accountalent is a small, remote CPA firm dedicated to only working with startups, specifically software startups that primarily reside in the Boston, New York, Chicago, Texas, and San Francisco areas.. As referenced on Accountalent's website, the company has been the go-to tax and accounting solution for 3,000+ startups.

Good Old Gold is a long-standing retailer of designer, estate, and custom jewelry, located in Massapequa Park, New York. It is the home of the Superior Hearts & Arrows Diamonds. In January 2015, Goo Research. I carried out the research phase in two parts. First I did the heuristics analysis of the existing website using Neilson's 10 design heuristic.; Then I carried out 5 user interviews over google meet due to the pandemic to understand the user problems even better Medication labeling is ripe for a redesign. Tha t 's why I love the Help medications. This is brilliant design. Instead of highlighting the nondescript trade name, in large letters, front and center, it tells you the reason WHY you are taking the medication in laymen's terms (Isn't the word allergies much more accessible than.

Redesigning an entire icon suite (which hadn't been updated in 3 years!) was a bigger task than what we anticipated. We encountered 3 key challenges that helped inform these icons: 1. Visual: We wanted to design an icon suite that was original and bold (in style) to reflect our brand. At the same time, we wanted the icons to be simple and. Therefor ReDesign will ensure that once your website is completed, you will have full control of the website with no ongoing monthly maintenance fees. To ensure you are prepared to update and control your own website, I offer a free training session to show you how to access and update your website

By Jessica A. Castillo Vardaro, Matthew R. Cover, and Katherine A. Wilkinson. The overall budget for the National Science Foundation has not grown significantly for a l most 20 years, but with the Senate passing The Endless Frontier Act recently, momentum is building in the White House and Congress toward dramatically increasing financial investment in the institution that is the second. Redesign ini dilakukan dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan pengalaman pengguna ketika menggunakan aplikasi menjadi lebih baik dan mudah dipahami dari sisi antarmuka atau interface. Karena versi sebelumnya bisa dibilang tidak terlalu user-oriented dan kaku maka hal tersebut menjadi alasan kenapa melakukan redesign aplikasi RenaCare itu sendiri Pada proses redesign Bridestory app saya tidak membuat lo-fi design terlebih dahulu dikarenakan waktu pengerjaan yang hanya 10 hari kerja. Saya langsung membuat hi-fi design di figma dengan semua data yang sudah saya miliki. Berikut adalah hasilnya saya cantumkan beserta figma source. kamu bisa copy & paste link dibawah ini untuk melihat. Image credit: McDonald's. T his is shaping up to be the year of the fast-food rebrand. First, Burger King unveiled a sharply ex e cuted redesign on January 7, announcing a total revamp across the entire brand, from its logo and packaging design to an updated digital and social media presence. It was an immediate smash hit, nodding back to the company's classic 1969 logo while signaling the.

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The aim of this redesign is to create a better interface and experience for users. I believe I did my best to create an improvement that would suit GT Bank users better. I tried to test my solutions with them so I know this really works better for them The problem with the service lifecycle. One of the things that GDS is most well known for is the coining of the Agile delivery phases. But this image of services coming out of nowhere is just not true to life. I'm not the first to notice this - Michael Brunton-Spall and Matt Edgar among others have some great thoughts on this Redesigning a feature in Microsoft Teams part 2: User Research. Tom Gillan. Nov 6, 2020 · 5 min read. After familiarising ourselves with the Microsoft Teams app, we began to conduct more in-depth research to build empathy with the users. To do this, we conducted interviews, online reviews, task analysis and competitor analysis Redesign Dashboard Jenius Untuk memudahkan pengguna dalam menjangkau goals dari hal yang ingin dicapai, maka beberapa fitur utama yang sering digunakan pengguna berdasar riset yang telah dilakukan akan dimunculkan pada dashboard. Beberapa fitur lainnya yang jarang digunakan akan disembunyikan untuk menyederhakan tampilan dari dashboard Join Behance. Sign up or Sign in to view personalized recommendations, follow creatives, and more. Sign Up With Email Sign Up. or. Pain Gaming - Social Media Redesign. 411. 5.9k. 6. Published: January 3rd 2021

Redesign the UI. Understand the UX. Pada tahapan ini, kita mencoba untuk memahami user experience pada masing masing halaman. Pada case study ini, terdapat beberapa halaman yang menjadi fokus utama, yaitu order page, vehicle choice, vehicle information dan activity history Working with this Redesign To Turnaround Underperforming Small And Medium Sized Businesses|Mr Regis M service is a pleasure. Their Support is real people, and they are always friendly and supportive. I had a problem with my payment once, and it took them like 5 mins to solve it Regardless of what your school or district ultimately includes in a media center redesign, it is important to remember that every decision should be made with additional perspectives behind it. Designed correctly, a K-12 media center can, and should, work as a central hub for learning, where all members of a school can thrive I'm awful for living moment-to-moment. Customer needs a hand? I'm on it. Whoops, forgot about that task from Thursday? Best get it done! Something esports-related needs my attention? Jump on i

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Redesign Zenius Mobile Apps — an UI/UX Case Study #2. Sudah hampir 4 tahun yang lalu saya mulai menggunakan aplikasi Zenius ini, meski dulu belum ada versi mobile-nya. Menggunakan layanan Zenius, jika dirasakan dari isi kontennya, sangat berguna sekali. Sesuai dari visi dan misi Zenius itu sendiri, benar-benar membuat cara berpikir saya lebih. Redesign To Turnaround Underperforming Small And Medium Sized Businesses|Mr Regis M, Sanitary Conditions on the Isthmus of Panama: Reply|Isthmian Canal Commission (U S. )., Decisions and Reports Vol 90B / European Commission of Human Rights|European Commission, Ranch-Horse Versatility: A Winner's Guide To Successful Rides (Western Horseman)|Fran Smit Delighted to have been working with Stira Folding Attic Stairs over the past few months redesigning their website. Check out the new site here https://www.st..

Lola's redesign evoked a strong response online, including from conservative media personalities Lola Bunny trended on Thursday with the Twitter-given description, People share their feelings about Lola Bunny following newly released images from Space Jam: A New Legacy, which is a very diplomatic way of saying that people were yelling about. UX dan UI Redesign. Setelah melakukan analisis terhadap user pain point dan menganalisis data seputar problem dan kebutuhan user yang di dapat dari riset yang dilakukan, berikut ini adalah hasil perancangan UX dan Redesign UI yang akan dibahas satu persatu :. Login · Saya merubah botton menjadi lebih Panjang tujuannya untuk memudahkan user menekan tombil masuk

Flat vaccine instagram post collection with photos. freepik. 12k 612. Like. Collect. Save. Post social media super offers in brazil 3d render template design in portuguese happy fathers day. ranilson-arruda. 2k 163 United Nations Environment Programm 如何重新設計橫式捲動社交平台 Plurk UI Redesign — Tokyono Sora. 因為噗浪不允許 @ media 語法,無法做到完美的RWD。但盡可能用其他方法做到RWD,可以讓噗浪頁面適用各種不同的螢幕寬高與比例,即使直向螢幕也能看起來很美觀!.

On Wednesday, its parent company, Snap, continued that unconventional approach, unveiling a redesign that effectively separates social and media into two parts of the Snapchat app McDonald's releases global redesign of packaging with a focus on illustration. Highlighting specific ingredients from its globally recognisable menu, the redesign hopes to showcase the brand's playful point-of-view. Independent brand agency Pearlfisher has redesigned the entire global packaging system for McDonald's, creating a new. A specially formulated medium that creates a protective finish. Available in matte or shine finish. Perfect for using with our Decor Decoupage Papers and Redesign Rice Papers, this medium is great for gluing, varnishing and transferring techniques all in one. Use it on paper, cardboard, chipboard, wood, ceramics and m Zpravodajský internetový server Aktuálně.cz v pondělí oblékne nový kabát: plánuje redesign a blogy známých osobností. Na čerstvý vzhled se můžete podívat již teď. To ale nejsou jediné změny na trhu českých online médií: s novým konceptem přichází Deník nebo časopis. The Goddess Ériu, a contemporary artistic representation at Belevedere House, Westmeath Sacred Wedding. Dolores Whelans documents the story of the sacred wedding, which depicts a specific relationship to the land that was held in ancient Ireland during the Celtic early Christian era, 1000 BCE — 10C

4000x80px 5mb (unless tiling) Medium background. 4000x144px 5mb (unless tiling) Large background. 4000x208px 5mb (unless tiling) Additional background images. 512x176px 5mb. How banners show up in the apps. they are basically scaled down and centered into 144px height In the case of our overlay redesign, our discovery phase helped further define the product spec. We updated the spec, reprioritized features, and set scope so the team was aligned before starting development. Develop: challenges of designing an overlay. Before opening up a design program we started sketching and whiteboarding ideas Website redesign is nothing but updating your company vision, mission, values and the new services and products to gaining potential customers and visitors. It's an investment for your future Business. Website redesign can help in following ways. To stay up-to-date with new technologies. To increase search engine friendliness. To reduces the.


Ask Your Team Members to Share the Website Redesign News. Imagine all the connections your team members have to expose your brand to new people. Whether it's on social media, via email or through word-of-mouth, we believe having your team share the exciting news is a website launch announcement idea that will help promote your brand Redesigning An Existing Media Wall. While we've worked very hard over the past decade to build our reputation as one of Arizona's leading custom media wall design/build firms, our work doesn't stop at original custom designs. We are also often commissioned to redesign existing media walls for clients all over the valley Computational Redesign of Acyl-ACP Thioesterase with Improved Selectivity toward Medium-Chain-Length Fatty Acids ACS Catal. 2017 Jun 2;7(6):3837-3849. doi: 10.1021/acscatal.7b00408. Epub 2017 Apr 20. Authors Matthew J Grisewood 1. Corporate redesigns give organizations a rare opportunity to identify the stable backbone and set up those elements ripe for dynamic change. Successful leaders and successful companies take advantage of such changes to rebuild the future—but a landscape littered with failed efforts is a sobering reminder of what's at stake

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Basically our pricing starts at $5,000 for a 10-15 page website, with 3 unique page templates. Each additional page template (over the initial 3) is $1,500 and each additional page (over the initial 15) is $100. That should give you a pretty good sense of our pricing for your project Unsolicited redesigns are an excellent way to build up your UX portfolio and demonstrate your initiative as a designer. As always, frame the problem, document your process, and tell a good story—and don't forget to include a disclaimer. Here, he links to articles he's written on Medium, additional projects he's worked on, as well as. Official Accounts & Reporting Fake Social Media Accounts Protecting your security and safety on social media is important to us. Unfortunately, there are imposters on the internet who create fake accounts and fraudulent social media pages, posing as Doug Addison and trying to scam people. REMINDER: We will NEVER private message you on any social media [

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Small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia have been proven to be one of the important pillars of the national economy. Unfortunately, some problems hinder their development, and one of the critical problems is the quality of product packaging. The packages of SME products are considered poor, dirty, and unattractive. Packaging problem is one of the factors why consumers are less interested. If Facebook follows through on Zuckerberg's idealized vision, it could lead to another significant shift across social media platforms. Some overhauls can cost you your audience. Digg experienced it after its 2010 redesign, when users picked up their memes and headed for Reddit. Tumblr is going through it now, post-nudity ban. But the right.

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Seven days later, choose your winning social media page design. It's like picking your favorite child. YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. We're very social. Design a Youtube banner for a channel that focuses on Pokemon trading card market analytics!! US$299. 32 But on 28 January, biotech firm Novavax released data from clinical trials showing that its experimental vaccine, designed to combat the original virus, was about 85% effective against a variant. redesign right Organizing for the future Agility and Organization Design. Organization. Content Introduction 6 Agility: It rhymes with stability 8 Why agility pays 18 Getting organizational redesign right 24 Organizing for the future 34 Authors 46. Introduction Coming together is a beginning; keeping togethe Differential media or indicator media distinguish one microorganism type from another growing on the same media. This type of media uses the biochemical characteristics of a microorganism growing in the presence of specific nutrients or indicators (such as neutral red, phenol red, eosin y, or methylene blue) added to the medium to visibly. 3 Media Web is a digital experience & managed WordPress agency, with over 20 years experience. We help companies with long-term growth online. We provide web dev, design, web support, hosting, and digital marketing to medium & enterprise companies