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Bill Nighy: Davy Jones. Showing all 25 items Jump to: Photos (9) Quotes (16) Photos . Quotes . [Davy Jones is stepping down the stairs and as he does, barnacles and mussels hanging on the steps retract] I accept, mate. Played excellently by Bill Nighy, Davy Jones has a brilliant mix of his personality and body language, as well as the incredible aesthetic of his tentacles. With the dangerous crew of the Flying Dutchman behind him and the ability to summon a Kraken, Davy Jones is quite the pirate force to be reckoned with

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  1. Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) became encrusted with sea life when he turned to the dark side. Will Davy Jones return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6? Fans of the PotC franchise were surprised to find out that the squid-faced villain made a cameo in a post credits scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales / Salazar's Revenge
  2. Bill Nighy Didn't Know He Was In Pirates Of The Caribbean 5. Months old spoiler for you, everyone, but a return for Bill Nighy's Captain Davy Jones is heavily teased in the post-credits scene of.
  3. Davy Jones was portrayed by Bill Nighy in Dead Man's Chest and At World's End. He was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes in the At World's End video game. The character made a cameo appearance in Dead Men Tell No Tales, but no actor was credited. It's currently unknown who voiced the character in The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction
  4. William Francis Nighy (/ n aɪ /; born 12 December 1949) is an English actor.. Nighy became widely known for his performance as Billy Mack in Love Actually (2003). Other notable roles in cinema include his portrayal of Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, and Viktor in the Underworld film series. He is also known for his roles in the films Still Crazy (1998), Shaun of the.
  5. Steve Daly talks to effects supervisor John Knoll about how he made Davy Jones, Bill Nighy's creepy villain in the ''Pirates'' sequel, look so real By Steve Daly Updated July 12, 2006 at 04:00 AM ED
  6. For his latest video, he takes on Bill Nighy's Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, complete with rubbery tentacles; Just as with the Davy Jones turn, Jo also does an.

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Davy Jones è un personaggio immaginario e l'antagonista principale della popolare saga cinematografica Pirati dei Caraibi.. Jones è il signore oscuro dei sette mari, capitano dell'Olandese volante, oltreché l'acerrimo nemico di Jack Sparrow e di Will Turner.Insieme alla sua ciurma, l'aspetto di Jones è interamente realizzato al computer.I movimenti del personaggio sulla pellicola sono. Bill Nighy portrays Davey Jones, the bad guy in Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest, and he shared what went into the character's wicked Scottish acc..

Check out Movie Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Movie Red Carpet Premieres, Broll and more from ScreenSlam.comPart of the Maker NetworkSUBSCRIBE: http://goo.g.. Bill Nighy is a voice actor known for voicing Davy Jones, Rattlesnake Jake, and Saint Germain. Take a visual walk through their career and see 16 images of the characters they've voiced and listen to 6 clips that showcase their performances So the guy who played Davy Jones in PotC (Bill Nighy) tried out to be the 9th. User Info: Jerec. Jerec (Moderator) 9 years ago #11. I honestly hope it's a long time before we have to think about a 12th Doctor. Matt Smith is brilliant in the role. You should always waste time when you don't have any. Time is not the boss of you Davy Jones. William Francis Bill Nighy (born December 12th, 1949) is an English actor and comedian. He worked in theatre and television before his first cinema role in 1981, and made his name in television with The Men's Room in 1991, in which he played the womaniser Prof. Mark Carleton, whose extra-marital affairs kept him vital

Bill Nighy alias Davy Jones. Datum narození: 12.12.1949. Místo narození: Anglie. Znamení: Střelec. Životopis:Bill Nighy proslul krásným výkonem v roli Billa Macka v Curtisově filmu Láska nebeská, za kterou i získal ocenění BAFTA za nejlepšího herce ve vedlejší roli Bill Nighy, Actor: Love Actually. Bill Nighy is an award-winning British character actor. He was born William Francis Nighy on December 12, 1949 in Caterham, Surrey, England, to Catherine Josephine (Whittaker), a psychiatric nurse from Glasgow, and Alfred Martin Nighy, who was English-born and managed a garage in Croydon. At school, he gained 'O'-levels in English Language and. —Davy Jones. Davy Jones is the main antagonist of Disney's 2006 film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Portrayed by Bill Nighy, he relentlessly pursues Jack Sparrow in an attempt to settle the pirate's debt to him. Using the Kraken, Jones successfully disposes of Jack, but the cursed pirate soon finds himself under Cutler Beckett's. Introduced in Dead Man's Chest and returned in At World's End, Davy Jones remains one of the most iconic villains in film history. This is due to the brilliant acting talent of Bill Nighy, the character's unforgettable design, and the CGI that still holds up over so many years later. Davy Jones is also known for having so many great quotable lines

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Davy Jones, the pirate captain played by actor Bill Nighy in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was covered in CGI tentacles, but he's more than that. He is one of the hottest movie. Bill Nighy had no idea that Davy Jones appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, but he would love to return for the sequel.The English actor made his debut as the infamous pirate in the franchise's second installment, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, in which he played the main villain.Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow had made a deal with the Flying Dutchman's captain. I totally forgot how fantastic of an actor Bill Nighy is! He completely NAILED the role of Davy Jones!! I will always remember him as Davy Jones. It is his best role, imo. I have seen him in the Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy, but he is brilliant as a Pirates villain

William Francis Nighy (born December 12, 1949), better known simply as Bill Nighy, is an English actor and voice actor known for his work in film, theatre and television. Nighy became widely known for his performance as Billy Mack in Love Actually (2003). Other notable roles in cinema include his portrayal of Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean film series, as well as Viktor in the. Bill Nighy Examines 10 Of His Film Roles. Nighy played the octopus-faced pirate Davy Jones via a performance capture suit that made for a complicated experience. If I'm proud of anything, it's that in the first couple of days of Pirates of the Caribbean — when I was wandering around a big, American movie set in a pair of computer pajamas.

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Bill Nighy, before and after as Davy Jones The closer you get to really real, the more glaring the omissions become, said animation supervisor Hal Hickel. The last few percentage points of realism really become glaring because everything else is working. It's a small but significant difference If Davy Jones really is back from the dead, you can bet he wants revenge. Should Disney greenlight a potential Pirates 6 , then it seems likely that Davy Jones (as played by Bill Nighy) would. Davy Jones è stato interpretato dall'attore Bill Nighy in La Maledizione del Forziere Fantasma e in Ai Confini del Mondo. In italiano è stato doppiato da Gianni Giuliano . Prima di Bill Nighy i produttori avevano pensato a Richard E.Grant, Iain Glen, Jim Broadbent, Christopher Walken e a Ian McShane (che poi avrebbe interpretato Barbanera in.

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Bill Nighy. Davy Jones est un pirate maudit par Calypso, la déesse de l'Océan. Il fut capitaine du Hollandais Volant, navire organique ayant la capacité de plonger sous la surface de l'eau. Il est aussi l'ennemi juré de Jack Sparrow et de William Turner. Jones se soumet plus tard à la Compagnie des Indes, sous le joug de Lord Cutler. Davy Jones a tengerek szerte rettegett, a mondavilágban is megjelenő Bolygó Hollandi kalózhajó kapitánya. Hajójával Jones a tengereket járja, hogy lelkeket keressen legénységébe, akik száz esztendőnyi szolgálat után térhetnek át a túlvilágra. Davy Jones szerepét mindkét filmben a brit Bill Nighy játszotta Bill Nighy. Thông tin. Giống loài. Nhân vật tưởng tượng: Cơ thể người, đầu bạch tuộc. Giới tính. Nam. Davy Jones là một nhân vật tưởng tượng xuất hiện trong loạt phim về Cướp biển vùng Caribbean. Ông có bề ngoài thân thể được tưởng tượng từ một loài sinh vật biển. Davy Jones is a fictional character and major antagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, portrayed by Bill Nighy. Who is the best villain in Pirates of the Caribbean? Pirates Of The Caribbean: 5 Best Villains (& The 5 Worst) 8 WORST: Calypso. 7 BEST: James Norrington Jones jest kapitanem mitycznego statku - Latającego Holendra - odpowiedzialnym za przewożenie umarłych dusz ze świata żywych do świata martwych. W obu filmach w rolę Davy'ego Jonesa wcielił się brytyjski aktor Bill Nighy. Wygląd. Davy Jones jest pół-człowiekiem, pół-krabem o twarz

That includes Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones and, at the very least, first mate Gibbs. We assume (for more than one reason) that Johnny Depp, or Bill Nighy, will be reprising their roles as. Dabei wurde zum Beispiel die Filmfigur Davy Jones vollständig im Computer generiert, nur seine Stimme, Augen und seine Bewegungen stammen von Bill Nighy. Fluch der Karibik 2 (US-amerikanischer Titel: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest ) und Teil 3 der Filmtrilogie wurden als ein Filmprojekt gedreht, um Kosten zu sparen Davy Jones byl kapitánem Bludného Holanďana a jeden z nejlepších námořníků, který se kdy plavil po moři. I on však podlehl tomu, čemu každý muž a sice ženě. Jeho vyvolenou se stala sama bohyně moří Kalypsó.Ta jejich lásku podmínila tím, že Jones musel na své lodi převážet duše těch, kteří zemřeli na moři na onen svět What is Davy Jones's Accent? Jones has a distinct, albeit thick, Scottish accent, which has been slightly altered to account for his lack of a nose and, presumably, a nasal cavity and/or sinuses. Director Gore Verbinski originally intended Jones to be Dutch, as he is the captain of the Dutch-man. Bill Nighy Phot

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Davy Jones: Jack Sparrow, quanto sei crudele! Jack: La crudeltà è una questione di punti di vista, amico! dal film Pirati dei Caraibi - Ai confini del mondo (2007) Bill Nighy Davy Jones

Davy Jones - główny antagonista filmu Piraci z Karaibów: Skrzynia Umarlaka a także Piraci z Karaibów: Na krańcu świata. Jest kapitanem Latającego Holendra. Nie wykonywał swojego obowiązku przenoszenia dusz, przez co rozwścieczył boginię morza Calypso i ściągnął na siebie oraz swoją załogę klątwę. 1 Historia 1.1 Przed akcją filmu 1.2 Układ z Jackiem Sparrowem 1.3. Bill Nighy talks about Davy Jones By SANDY COHEN May 30, 2007 May 30, 2007; 0; Actor Bill Nighy, a cast member of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End film, poses for a portrait.. Davy Jones es un legendario pirata de historias marinas. Es conocido por la leyenda del Cofre de Davy Jones, el cual se encuentra en el fondo del mar, donde se hallan los marineros perdidos.Serás enviado al cofre de Davy Jones es un eufemismo para la muerte en el mar, mientras que Davy Jones es un apodo que debe representar al demonio del mar. Los orígenes del nombre son poco claros y. The CGI they used with Bill Nighy to portray Davy Jones in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Death's Chest' has always struck me as truly savage, considering it was back in 2006. The motion capture.. Davy Jones. Pirates of the Caribbean. Bill Nighy (s. 12. joulukuuta 1949 Caterham, Surrey, Englanti) on englantilainen näyttelijä. Hän aloitti työnsä teatterissa ja televisiossa ennen hänen ensimmäistä elokuvarooliaan vuonna 1981. Hänet tunnetaan ehkä parhaiten Davy Jonesin -roolistaan elokuvasarjassa Pirates of the Caribbean. Hän on.

Bill Nighy Is Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End [Exclusive] The actor discusses making more Pirates movies and embodying one of cinema's most interesting special effects Bill Nighy Davy Jones is a Davy Jones is the feared captain of the dreaded Flying Dutchman. Many years ago, Davy Jones made a deal with the sea goddess Calypso. In exchange for one day on land. A gallery of images of Davy Jones, captain of the Flying Dutchman. 1 Pirates of the Caribbean (ride) 1.1 Promotional images 2 Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow 2.1 Pages 2.2 Covers 3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War 3.1 Promotional images 4 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (video game) 4.1 Screenshots 5 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 5.1 Screenshots 5.2. William Francis Bill Nighy (dieja naI/lahir 12 Desember 1949; umur 71 tahun) merupakan seorang aktor berkebangsaan Inggris.Dia bekerja di teater dan televisi sebelum peran sinema pertamanya pada tahun 1981. Dia mulai dikenal seluruh dunia pada tahun 2003 karena penampilannya di film Love Actually.Peran lainnya adalah sebagai Davy Jones di Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest dan. Bill Nighy the Science Guy. December 31, 2010 ·. Someone made this lovely video about me! Well, I got the idea for this while watching an interview with Bill Nighy on Davy Jones & Calypso. When they said his name, it sounded a lot like the American Bill Nye

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Bill Nighy. William Francis Bill Nighy (ur. 12 grudnia 1949 w Caterham, Surrey) - brytyjski aktor, który już w czasie studiów grywał na deskach profesjonalnych teatrów . Laureat Złotego Globu dla najlepszego aktora w miniserialu lub filmie telewizyjnym za rolę Gideona w dramacie telewizyjnym BBC Córka Gideona ( Gideon's. Bill Nighy [naɪ] (s. 12. joulukuuta 1949 Caterham, Surrey, Englanti) on englantilainen näyttelijä.Hän aloitti työnsä teatterissa ja televisiossa ennen ensimmäistä elokuva rooliaan vuonna 1981. Hänet tunnetaan ehkä parhaiten Davy Jonesin roolista elokuvasarjassa Pirates of the Caribbean.Hän on voittanut mm. Golden Globe- ja BAFTA-palkinnon Davy Jones is a character on Pirates of the Caribbean and Once Upon a Time. Davy Jones is based on the character from sea mythology and the Disney character of the same name from Pirates of the Caribbean. Before the curse Davy Jones is a mortal sailor who catches the eye of Calypso. He is later tasked as ferrymen of the dead

Nighy is geken vir sy vertoning in Love Actually. Ander merkbare rolle wat hy in die film-bedryf vertolk het sluit in sy rol van Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest en Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End , asook Viktor in die Underworld -filmreeks Bill Nighy - Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean 3D print model. A bust based on pirates of the caribbean character Davy Jones interpreted by Bill Nighy on dead man's chest and at world's end. Contains several file formats and modes. Includes: Source .Ztl for zbrush with all subtools (hair, eyes, beard, clothes) head decimated but all other. Nighy dépeint le personnage méchant Davy Jones dans le très réussi pirates des Caraïbes série de films. Il est également connu pour son interprétation du personnage de Viktor dans la série de films d'horreur Monde souterrain. Le talentueux acteur a reçu plusieurs distinctions au cours de sa carrière, dont un BAFTA Award et un. Bill Nighy (born William Francis Nighy) is an award-winning English actor who provided the voice for High King Emeric in The Elder Scrolls Online. Some of his other work includes Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Viktor in the Underworld movie series, as well as minor parts in franchises such as Doctor Who and Harry Potter Bill Nighy is an award-winning British character actor. He was born William Francis Nighy on December 12, 1949 in Caterham, Surrey, England, to Catherine Josephine (Whittaker), a psychiatric nurse from Glasgow, and Alfred Martin Nighy, who was English-born and managed a garage in Croydon

When ghostly pirate Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) comes to collect a blood debt, Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) must find a way to avoid his fate lest his soul be damned for all time. Nevertheless, the wily ghost manages to interrupt the wedding plans of Jack's friends Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) Bill Nighy fala sobre Davy Jones em Piratas do Caribe 3. A fonte de notícias Latino Review foi a responsável pelas novas informações sobre o aguardado fechamento da franquia Piratas do Caribe . Dessa vez, o encarregado de trazer as novidades foi o ator Bill Nighy (franquia Anjos da Noite), que concedeu uma entrevista à.

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This second Pirates movie opened up the world of the franchise considerably, and introduced a brand new villain on our shores: Nighy's Davy Jones, the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Jones' performance, captured via motion-capture and exquisite visual effects, propels the movie to be a worthy and fun sequel, even if it does depart from the. Semua info tentang Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006 film) 2021: profil anggota, ulang tahun anggota, fakta, wiki, penghargaan, pencapaian, trivia, kekayaan bersih & lainny Davy Jones; Tạo hình của nhân vật Davy Jones trong phim Cướp biển vùng Caribbean: Chiếc rương tử thần. Xuất hiện lần đầu: Phim Cướp biển vùng Caribbean: Chiếc rương tử thần (28 tháng 7 năm 2006): Diễn xuất bởi: Bill Nighy: Thông tin; Giống loà Davy Jones je fiktivní postava ze série filmů Piráti z Karibiku.Poprvé se objevil ve filmu Piráti z Karibiku: Truhla mrtvého muže jako hlavní záporná postava. Vychází z námořnických legend o Truhle Davyho Jonese a o Bludném Holanďanovi.Postavu ztvárnil herec Bill Nighy a v českém znění ho nadaboval Jaroslav Kaňkovský.. Život Davyho Jones

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I do faded pretty well, Nighy confesses, although he may be best known globally for villain Davy Jones's florid face of gnarly tentacles in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. In. Well that English gentleman is Bill Nighy, the acting talent behind our tentacle faced friend. Every Davy Jones sequence filmed for Pirates 2 and Pirates 3 was filmed with Nighy standing in the place were Jones would eventually be doing his dialogue live on camera and interacting with the other actors An arm is raised as if it's going to strike at the bed, only the arm is actually a claw, one belonging to Davy Jones, Bill Nighy's character in two previous Pirates movies. Will wakes up to find.

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Bill Nighy elárulta, hogy Davy Jones karakterének akcentusát Jack Jarvistól és Victor McDadetól, egy skót tv-sorozat, a Still Game két fő karakterétől kölcsönözte. Saját bevallása szerint nagy rajongója a műsornak Just yer friendly neighbourhood Davy Jones/Bill Nighy stan. Also a selective RP blog too. I will occasionally post memes and my love for my other favourite awesome characters. JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP Jungle Cruise is a great ride for the family -- both the real ride and the movie, but both are also problematic in their depictions of marginalized groups.. I truly enjoyed Jungle Cruise.This was my first theater-going experience in over a year, and the movie's spectacle and action made it a great choice to see on the big screen William Francis Bill Nighy est un acteur britannique, né le 12 décembre 1949 à Caterham (Surrey). Il est principalement connu pour avoir incarné Davy Jones dans Pirates des Caraïbes. 1 Biographie 1.1 Jeunesse 1.2 Carrière 2 Vie privée 3 Filmographie 3.1 Cinéma 3.2 Télévision 3.2.1 Téléfilms.. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006 Movie) Davy Jones. Bill Nighy. [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Hōchū Ōtsuka. Georges Claisse

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Nighy a obținut o faimă mondială pentru performanța sa ca Billy Mack in Love Actually. Alte roluri notabile în cinematografie includ reprezentarea lui Davy Jones în seria de filme Pirații din Caraibe, cât și a lui Viktor în seria de filme Lumea de dincolo. Filmografie. Treisprezece la cină (1985 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006), is an American film directed by Gore Verbinski. The eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is caught in another web of supernatural intrigue. Although the curse has already been released on the Black Pearl ship, an even more terrifying threat looms over its captain and crew: it seems that Jack has a blood debt to the legendary Davy Jones. En 2006 et 2007, Bill Nighy accroît un peu plus sa renommée grâce à son rôle du méchant Davy Jones dans les épisodes 2 et 3 de Pirates des Caraïbes. Il retrouve Richard Curtis en 2009 pour la comédie Good Morning England, dans laquelle il interprète le patron d'une radio pirate qui émet depuis un bateau au large de la côte anglaise Davy Jones is a fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, portrayed by Bill Nighy.He appears in the second film Dead Man's Chest, in the third film At World's End and a cameo at the end of Dead Men Tell No Tales.He is the captain of the Flying Dutchman (based on the ghost ship of the same name).. The computer-generated imagery used to complete Jones was named by. Tia Dalma Davy Jones' Locker Bill Nighy Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship Adventure Of The Seas Multimedia Artist Captain Jack Sparrow Movie Wallpapers. Davy Jones Pirates of the Caribbean - Comic Books Art Comic Art Davy Jones Pirates Of The Caribbean Johnny Depp Anastasia To My Daughter Art Gallery Comics Bill Nighy - Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean, USD $0.00. A bust based on pirates of the caribbean character Davy Jones interpreted by Bill Nighy on dead man's chest and at world's end.Contains several file..