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1 TDK DVD-RAM 4.7 ( with cartridge ) 1 PANASONIC DVD-RAM 4.7 LM-AB120LE ( with cartridge ) 1 PANASONIC DVD-RAM 4.7 LM-AF120LE (non-cartridge ) Is this good stuf ??? Yes, I know, wit a harddisk it's very unlikely that I often use DVD-RAM, but sometimes a few disks maybe handy? [whisper mode on] psssst.. Cartridge-type DVD-RAM drive? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Registration is $1 to post on this forum. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below

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  1. DVD-RAM (DVD Random Access Memory) is a DVD-based disc specification presented in 1996 by the DVD Forum, which specifies rewritable DVD-RAM media and the appropriate DVD writers.DVD-RAM media have been used in computers as well as camcorders and personal video recorders since 1998.. In May 2019, Panasonic, the only remaining manufacturer of DVD-RAM discs, announced that it would end production.
  2. DVD-RAM Drive: A digital versatile disk random access memory (DVD-RAM) drive is a rewritable and erasable optical disc drive specified by the DVD Forum in 1996. It is a media storage device used in computers, camcorders and personal video recorders. The original DVD-RAM disks had an enclosed cartridge, which made it difficult to fit them into.
  3. The Panasonic SW-9576 DVD RAM drive is an advanced computer DVD burner that can be used with all the most popular DVD media formats such as DVD RAM discs with DVD RAM cartridge support, Dual Layer DVD, Double Layer DVD, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-R/RW with CD-R/RW support too! One Year Warranty
  4. Double-sided DVD-RAM discs, on the other hand, come in Type 2 sealed cartridges only and, as a consequence, could not be read by early DVD-ROM drives. The first DVD-ROM drive capable of reading DVD-RAM media - sometimes informally referred to as a third-generation drive - reached the market in 1999
  5. Let's take one of those 1/2 inch EIAJ video tapes and transfer it to DVD via a DVD-RAM cartridge. To attempt to stabilize the picture, we will use a digital..
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Wide choice of data storage products. Bulk buyer discounts available, all items shipped from UK stocks & free delivery on £300+ spen DVD-RAM was the first recordable DVD technology. It's still pretty popular in Japan and to a lesser degree Europe, but never really caught on in the US. Those that do use it, don't use the cartridges anymore. I think that Buffalo/Panasonic drive was for those with a lot of old cartridge-based DVD-RAM discs and that needed to read the data off. The first drives appeared in June 2000 at about the same price as DVD-RAM 1.0 drives. DVD-RAM 2.0 also specifies 8-cm discs and cartridges for portable uses such as digital camcorders. Future DVD-RAM discs may use a contrast enhancement layer and a thermal buffer layer to achieve higher density

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In addition, DVD-RAM discs come as bare or can be enclosed in protective cartridges. Some types of these cartridges may be opened to allow the discs to be removed while others come permanently sealed. Be aware that not all DVD-RAM compatible drives, players and recorders accommodate cartridged discs Iomega Super DVD Writer All-Format USB 2.0 External Drive - DVD±RW / DVD-RAM drive - Hi-Speed USB overview and full product specs on CNET

The Panasonic LMAF120LU5 DVD-RAM 4.7GB single-sided DVD-RAM discs are rewritable discs that can record up to six hours of video (depending on the format). These are non-cartridge style DVD-RAM discs that can be used with all DVD recorders compatible with the DVD-RAM format. The discs are packed in slim jewel cases Dvd-ram (Engels: Digital Versatile Disc - Random Access Memory) is in 1996 door het Dvd-Forum als een van de officiële dvd-formaten gespecificeerd, oorspronkelijk bedoeld voor de opslag van digitale data.Dvd-ram-schijfjes zijn sinds 1998 in gebruik in computers, in videorecorders en in camcorders.Op dit moment is het dvd-ram-formaat vooral in Japan en Noord-Amerika erg populair, terwijl dvd. A DVD-RAM is easily recognized due to the numerous rectangles on its surface. Other Photo. Bottomside. A DVD-RAM Type 2. A DVD-RAM Type 2, unused. Mini-DVD-RAM with Holder. DVD-RAM disk lines. Part of DVDRAM cartridge. Opened DVD-RAM cartridge The drive is the Hitachi GF-1050, which is a discontinued SCSI model. It supports the older 2.6 GB (single-sided) and 5.2 GB (double-sided) DVD-RAM media. Newer drives support both 4.7/9.4 and 2.6/5.2. It's only $109 at this place though, including SCSI controller. They say it supports reading.. DVD-RAM disks for conversion and file transfer. We transfer and convert data from Cartridge/Case/Caddy type DVD RAM to normal DVD and Hard Drives, including the following types of DVDRAM disk:-. - mini DVD-RAM disc 1.4GB 80mm. - mini-DVD-RAM with round holder caddy. - Single-sided DVD-RAM 2.58 GB

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The SW-9576 DVD RAM drive is an advanced computer DVD burner that can be used with all the most popular DVD media formats such as DVD RAM discs with DVD RAM cartridge support, Dual Layer DVD, Double Layer DVD, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-R/RW with CD-R/RW support too PANASONIC LF-D211F 9.4GB IDE CARTRIDGE LOAD I NTERNAL DVD-RAM Drive - CP084350-01 / LF-D211 . Capable of recording and playing DVD-RAM (9.4 GB double sided,4.7 GB single sided,5.2 GB double sided and 2.6 GB single sided). Supports various formats due to the dual laser single lens optical head and high-performance, high-speed LSI Removing DVD-RAM disc from cartridge. Posted on January 6, 2007 February 17, 2007 Author MyTechGuide Categories Hardware. 51 thoughts on Removing DVD-RAM disc from cartridge Comment navigation. Older Comments. jacks blow job lessons says: June 1, 2016 at 11:40 pm Details about PANASONIC LF-D111A 1X PATA / IDE CARTRIDGE LOAD DVD-RAM DRIVE - LF-D111 . Be the first to write a review. | See original listing. PANASONIC LF-D111A 1X PATA / IDE CARTRIDGE LOAD DVD-RAM DRIVE - LF-D111 : Condition: Used Clean Pull Drive (s), Grade A+. I now have two Panasonic DVD recorders which I discovered take DVD RAM disks in their cartridge which makes handling double sided disks a breeze. My earlier JVC did not. But of course as I often want to encode the video on a PC I would rather not have to take the disk out each time to put it in the PC

8cm DVD-RAM Video camera disks, 2.8Gb double sided 60 min disks. The disks are supplied in cartridges (or caddy) which fit into the camera. Two cartridge types exist Round and Square the cartridges are not interchangeable so you need to get the correct one for your camera Drives, Storage & Blank Media > Blank Media & Accessories > CD, DVD & Blu-ray Discs. New 10 Datasafe DVD-RAM 4.7Gb 120min disc with Cartridge Product Description. You are buying 10 discs. Single sided DVD-RAM disc supplied with a cartridge from a trusted and reliable Brand

Location. United States. Philips DVD players and LG Blu-Ray players can frequently convert from PAL to NTSC for viewing on a N. American TV, but don't play DVD-RAM and only play Region 1 or Region 0 and Region All DVDs, if purchased from an ordinary electronics store. Yes, the Toshiba is a DVD Recorder VCR combo Review or Purchase Panasonic LM-AF120LU10 - 10-pack of 2-3x-Speed, 120 minute DVD-RAM Discs for Video Recording Panasonic Slim Case 10-pack of 2-3x-Speed, Single-sided, 120 minute (4.7GB/Non-cartridge) DVD-RAM Discs for Video Recording Overvie

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3 Support for writing DVD-R Version 2.0 For General. Unable to write DVD-R for Authoring 3.95GB and 4.7GB 4 Compatible with DVD-RAM Version 2.0/2.1/2.2 without cartridge. Unable to write RAM2 format disc. 5 New Maxi Disc cannot be read. 6 Unable to use 8cm disc when you use the drive vertically. (Unable to use 8cm disc adapter. I am always having trouble with DVD-RAM. As I write I have put a DVD-RAM disk into the Sony DVD-RAM drive. As before, when I put the DVD-RAM disk in the previous LG and Mad Dog DVD-RAM drive the DVD drive stated to blink continuously and then the computer would crash and/or My Computer would stop responding DVDs created by a -R/-RW device can be read by most commercial DVD-ROM players. DVD-RAM discs can be recorded and erased repeatedly but are compatible only with devices manufactured by the companies that support the DVD-RAM format. DVD-RAM discs are typically housed in cartridges. DVD-RO

Verbatim has provided digital media solutions to customers for over 40 years. Our storage media solutions include external hard drives, USB drives and recordable media (DVD-R, Blu-ray, CD-R etc.) A driver is software, you can't insert a disk into it. Do you mean the CD/DVD disk drive? There should be a button on the front of the computer next to the DVD drive, it's usually on the right side. Some cases hide it, but there should be an area to push. After you push the button the DVD drive should open. If that doesn't work DVD-RAM. DVD-RAM was the first recordable and rewritable standard to hit the market and was defined by the DVD Forum (dvdforum.org), which is composed of over 220 companies. DVD-RAM discs can hold 4.7GB per side (for a total of 9.4GB on a dual-sided disc), although other sizes and capacities are available 6 Support for writing DVD-R Version 2.0 For General. Unable to write DVD-R for Authoring 3.95GB and 4.7GB 7 Compatible with DVD-RAM Version 2.0/2.1/2.2 without cartridge. Unable to write RAM2 format disc. 8 New Maxi Disc cannot be read. 9 Unable to use 8cm disc when you use the drive vertically. (Unable to use 8cm disc adapter. You can find it either on the back of your laptop, inside the battery compartment or under the cover on the back of the laptop. If your laptop is currently functioning you can find the serial number by using a simple keyboard command. 1. From your built-in keyboard, press and hold the Fn + Esc buttons at the same time

Since DVD players can't generally accept DVD RAM cartridges, I will limit my discussion to the other formats. DVD-R and DVD-RW were the first recordable DVD formats to be compatible with. Opened DVD-RAM cartridge How the disk is accessed How to open DVD-RAM cartridge (looks good only in full size). DVD-Hardware . DVD-Player DVD recorder with internal hard disk drive Internals of a DVD-Video-Player DVD pick-up head and drive (laptop drive). Buffer Capacity. Headphone 0.34V rms typ. Capable of recording and playing DVD-RAM (9.4 GB double sided,4.7 GB single sided,5.2 GB double sided and 2.6 GB single sided). Supports various formats due to the dual laser single lens optical head and high-performance, high-speed LSI

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(8 TB) - Toshiba X300 8TB Performance Desktop and Gaming Hard Drive 7200 RPM 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 8.9cm Internal Hard Drive (HDWF180XZSTA) $ 742 SEAGATE ST9600205SS Savvio 600GB 10000 RPM SAS 6.0Gb/s 64MB cache 2.5 internal hard drive (Bare Drive DVD-RAM的全称为Digital Versatile Disc- Random Access Memory(DVD随机存储器)。是由在DVD标准争夺战中处于优势的三家公司联合开发的,它们是松下、日立与东芝(简称MHT)。业界对其定义为Re-Writable DVD(可重写式DVD) I-O DATA Japan has announced a new series of drives based on the Panasonic SW-9576. The internal DVR-AM16CV and external DVR-UM16CV feature 16x DVD±R, 4x DVD±R DL and 5x DVD-RAM writing speeds and are backwards compatible with older, cartridge based DVD-RAM discs Develops and manufactures magnetic and optical removable data storage products, and related computer peripherals and software. Also specialty papers for the printing industry. Products, investor information, career opportunities

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Intel (1997): 70 million DVD-ROM drives by 1999 (sales will surpass CD-ROM drives in 1998). SMD (1997): 100 million DVD-ROM/RAM drives shipped in 2000. Microsoft (Peter Biddle, 1997): 15 million DVD PCs sold in 1998, 50 million DVD PCs sold in 1999. Microsoft (Jim Taylor, 1998): installed base of 35 million DVD PCs in 1999 DVD-RAM: An optical, high-speed, rewritable disc that can store video with or without using a DVD burner. It's more robust than a traditional DVD, better protects data integrity, and can be rerecorded up to 100,000 times. DVD-RAM comes in two versions: a specially coated disc or a disc cartridge Blu-ray Disc (official abbreviation BD) is an optical disc storage medium designed to supersede the DVD format. The plastic disc is 120 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick, the same size as DVDs and CDs. Blu-ray Discs contain 25 GB (23.31 GiB) per layer, with dual layer discs (50 GB) being the norm for feature-length video discs Being the largest computer retailer in Bangladesh, Star Tech offers wide range of products including desktop, laptop, computer accessories, mobile phone and tablets at competitive pric Panasonic DVD-RAM 4.7GB SS 4.7GB Non-Cartridge RW Disc LM-HC47E. PANASONIC. $12.16. The Panasonic DVD-RAM 4.7GB single sided rewriteable non-cartridge disc LM-HC47E for use in all DVD drives capable of using DVD-RAM or DVDRAM single sided discs. Please read the precautions found... Choose Options. Sony Mini DV HDV/DV 63min Digital Video.

IBM 7226 Multimedia Storage Enclosure. Deploy a low-profile design configuration, with up to four storage devices in a 1U space in a 19-inch rack. Enable the performance and capacity enhancements of half-high Linear Tape-Open (LTO)® Ultrium®, DVD-RAM or Remote DBA Experts, LLC (RDX) removable disk drives Cd-rom. Een cd-rom (afkorting van compact disc read-only memory) is een compact disc die in een computer kan worden gelezen en die meestal computerprogramma's of -gegevens bevat, in tegenstelling tot een audio-cd. De cd-rom werd ontwikkeld in 1983, toen de audio-cd al algemeen bekend was HP ProBook x360 435 G8 AMD Ryzen 3 5400U 8GB 256GB PCIe ac BT 2xWC 13.3 FHD MT W10P64. HP Inc. Item #: 41237103. Mfr Part#: 38Y41UT#ABA. See All: Laptops. Convertible Notebooks. Pre-Order. $855.95

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Aone Full Face White Inkjet Printable DVD-R 16x 4.7GB - 120 Minutes Blank Discs 50 Pack. £5.98 inc VAT. 70 Micron Neo Plastic Sleeves (100 pack) Neo Media High Strength CD/DVD. £1.50 inc VAT. Traxdata Ritek 52x CD-R White Inkjet Full-Face Printable 50 Pack Learn about HP laptops, pc desktops, printers, accessories and more at the Official HP® Website SAS Drives Data Cartridges Memory / RAM Barebone Computers Computer Accessories Media (CD, DVD) Memory Cards Media (CD, DVD) 16GB DDR4 RAM,GTX 1660ti Graphic, 240GB SSD+1TB HDD , 144 HZ 24 BENQ Gaming Monitor + RGB KB ,Mouse & HEADSET Ryans computers is the Largest Chain of Computer Store in Bangladesh. Buy your Laptop, computer & accessories from our computer shop or website. Best after sales & service, EMI facilities, COD & Home delivery provider in BD HP 22 AIO Celeron White 4GB/256GB Desktop All-In-One. 601. $399.00. $399.00. 2-day delivery. Shop Now. Make the most of your living space with the reliable compact HP Slim Desktop S01-pF1013w. Designed to take up less space where you need it, the HP Slim Desktop delivers technology and reliability you can depend on, with a slim design that fits.

DVD-RAM Cartridge Drives SW-9576 errors can be rooted in an outdated or corrupted device driver. Device drivers can fail without any apparent reason. The exciting news is that you can likely update the CD-DVD Burner device drivers in order to avoid malfunctions Hi, I recently bought a new HP pavilion computer, and it has a cd/dvd reader and a cd/dvd writer. neither of these drives will take a cartridge. I bought and installed a new Panasonic LF-M821 DVD MULTI-FORMAT drive connected to the computer with a firewire enclosure. I am running Windows XP Pro. I have numerous Type 1 and type 2 DVD-RAM cartridges that I have used for system backups in the.

On my Panny EH60 it doesn't convert the movies to 4:3 P&S while dubbing as it does with DVD +- R(w) DVD-RAM is the media that DVDR should have used from the start. If you really need to have older player support, DVD-RAM drives will record to either DVD-R or +R or both The ultimate accessory for Genesis / Mega Drive Buy now. The new Flash / RAM cartridge for Neo Geo AES Buy now. The first flash cartridge for NeoGeo AES Buy Now. We design hardware with today´s technology for traditional system Creating Products. Do not miss our latest news This low-cost data conversion service handles DT-350 cartridges and converts them to CD or DVD. We convert zip disks. We convert QIC-3050 tape cartridges. This low-cost data conversion service handles 800bpi tapes and converts them to CD or DVD. Our data cartridge conversion service copies data from old computer cartridges to modern media The capacity of DVD-RAM is 4.7 GB, or 9.4 GB for double-sided discs. Typical applications for DVD-RAM. Personal and digital video recorders; High-end CCTV; Benefits of DVD-RAM. Read and write at the same time; Can be rewritten to many more times than a traditional DVD-RW; Has write-protect tabs to prevent accidental deletion when used in an.

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Option: DVD-RW or DVD-ROM + Display port & USB 2.0 port Kit 11. Standard 8 SAS/SATA/SSD drive bays Option: +2 Dual uFF (4x M.2 cartridges) Option: Display port + USB 2.0 port Kit + Blank NOTE: Other options not shown. NOTE: New! Rear drive option allows for an additional + 1 SFF or +1 Dual uFF (2x M.2 cartridges) 27 and 21 models (2012 or later): Press the small gray button just above the power port to open the memory compartment door. Lift the door off of the back of the monitor and set it aside. Then, push the two levers outward (to the sides) to release the memory cage, and pull the levers toward you to see the RAM slots Memory - RAM (49) Cases (19) DVD Writers (2) UPS (7) Graphics Cards (13) PCI Cards (10) Networking (145) Wired Routers (51) Wireless Routers (90) Printers (29) Pantum (4) Canon (13) Epson (4) HP (5) Paper (3) PC Storage (165) M.2 SSD (23) Hard drives (19) External Hard Drives (7) Solid State Drives (24) Flash Drives (37) SD Cards (29) HDD.

HP 508X High Yield Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge, CF360X. HP 508X High Yield Black Original LaserJet Toner CartridgeCount on affordable Original HP High Yield Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence for more high-quality pages than ever before, at fast speeds, and innovative anti-fraud technology—something the competition can't matchMake sure this fits by entering your model number. This part of the Ultimate-II+ cartridge thus acts exactly like a real drive. It is not any faster or any slower than a real floppy disk drive. Just like a real 1541 disk drive, the Ultimate-II+ needs floppy disks. On the Ultimate-II+, these floppy disks are virtual. These virtual disks exist in the form of a .D64 or .G64 file on a storage. HP 3D DriveGuard (Microsoft Windows only): The hard drive is mounted directly to the notebook frame, reducing the transmission of shock to the hard drive. Uses three-axis digital motion detection with intelligent sensitivity to help protect the hard drive during normal use from shock and vibration DVD Ram Cartridge Drives DVD Ram Disks MO Disks Video Tapes Storage & Transit Cases Team. Name: Role: Email: Telephone: Andrew Humphrey: Head of Sales +442380736500: Pete Wood: Marketing +442380736500: Peter Bonthrone: Accounts +442380736500: Stuart Humphrey: Director +442380736500: Showreel. Company News. 01/11/2014.

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DVD-RAM (1998 - mid 2000s) Friden Computyper punched tape cartridge (1967 - early 1970s) Baseball Talk Soundcard (1989) Tomy Bring Along a Song CD Player (1992 - 1990s) Microsoft Xbox 360 Hard Drive (2005 - 2010) Sonaband (1950 - late 1960s) Popular Tags There is a bug in the 630 with RW CD/DVD drives that causes the CD/DVD drive to open spontaneously, at all sorts of times. I have not been able to find any reference to a newer BIOS code with a fix, but there are plenty of complaints on the internet. Those who have replaced the CD DVD drives still have the problem in most cases DVD-RAM (1998 - mid 2000s) Interactive DVD (1998 - ) Toshiba announces it will no longer manufacture or market HD DVD players or disc drives, ending the format war with Blu-ray (2008) SxS (2008 General Instrument PC-50x cartridge (1977 - early 1980s) Shibaden ½-inch open reel video tape (1968 - early 1970s). Preislich gibt man für eine 2,3-GB-MO-Disk gut 16 €, für ein 4,7-GB-DVD-RAM-Medium etwa 2,40 € aus (Stand Mai 2007). Die Transferdatenraten von DVD-RAM-Laufwerken sind denen von MO-Laufwerken überlegen. MO-Systeme findet man eher in professionellen IT-Bereichen, wohingegen ein DVD-RAM-Brenner heutzutage für jedermann erschwinglich ist Optical DVD & CD Drives (24 products) Most PCs and laptops are supplied with an optical drive but if you wish to upgrade, or attach an external drive to a netbook, we have a wide range to choose from here at Ebuyer.com. Adding an internal optical drive to a computer is quite straightforward after opening the case

I have DVD RAM Maxell 2.6GB disks created on Apple G4 systerm 9.1 and I need to take the disksout of the cartridge and read them with a Gear Head USB external drive. What do I need to do? Ray Moon [email protected] XXX-XXX-XXX Win32_PhysicalMedia class. 05/31/2018; 7 minutes to read; In this article. The Win32_PhysicalMedia class represents any type of documentation or storage medium, such as tapes, CD ROMs, and so on. To obtain the characteristics of the media in a CD drive, such as whether it is writeable, use Win32_CDROMDrive and the Capabilities property.. The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object.

Panasonic LM-AD240LE3 9Panasonic SW-9571-C DVD MultiDrive Cartridge DVD RAM & DVDMaxell DVD-RAM data video up to 3x, 4KAO 44MB 5Copy data files from PD CartridgeMaxell 1-Pack DVD-RAM Media 4

ECMA-331 Cases for 120 mm and 80 mm DVD-RAM disks June 2004; ECMA-330 120 mm (4,7 Gbytes per side) and 80 mm (1,46 Gbytes per side) DVD rewritable disk (DVD-RAM) June 2005; ECMA-329 8 mm wide magnetic tape cartridge for information interchange - Helical scan recording - AIT-3 format December 200 CD and DVD. According to the US National Archives, CDs and DVDs have very similar lifespans. Generally, unrecorded (blank) CDs and DVDs have a shelf-life of five to ten years. The experiential life expectancy of recorded CDs and DVDs is between two and five years, though based on manufacturer claims, ten to twenty five years, or even longer. HUAWEI MateBook D 14 i5-10210U 8GB RAM 512GB SSD GeForce MX250 Windows 10 Gray. 13999 LE 15999. -21%. Quick view. Add to cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Build Your Own Bundle South Africa's leading online store. Fast, reliable delivery to your door. Many ways to pay. Shop anything you can imagine: TVs, laptops, cellphones, kitchen appliances, toys, books, beauty & more. Shop the mobile app anytime, anywhere