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Lytro Desktop is included in Photo & Graphics Tools. The default filename for the program's installer is Lytro.exe. The most popular versions among the program users are 5.0, 4.3 and 4.2. The actual developer of the free program is Lytro, Inc Quick preview of Lytro Desktop application on OS X.www.blogdefotografie.r

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On the computer side of things (read: Lytro Desktop 4.3), there's in-app depth map editing, improved controls over image processing (immediately after import or later), and a heavily streamlined workflow to edit light field pictures in Adobe Photoshop, with direct export to Photoshop via Edit in Adobe Photoshop, and automatic re-import of the edited image into Lytro Desktop Explore the world of living pictures with the Lytro Mobile App. All living pictures are interactive and animated. Playback living picture animations (64-bit devices only) or interact with them.. Trusted Windows (PC) download Lytro Desktop 5.0.1. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Lytro Desktop alternative downloads Lytro Desktop 4.1 Deutsch: Mit dem kostenlosen Lytro Desktop für Windows verwalten und bearbeiten Sie Bilder, die mit der Lichtfeld-Kamera Lytro geschossen wurden Download Lytro 4.3.3 for Mac from our website for free. Our built-in antivirus scanned this Mac download and rated it as 100% safe. The following versions: 3.1 and 1.0 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. This free software for Mac OS X was originally developed by Lytro

3D Light-Field Vision Metrology Software. RxLive 5.0. Read more. Semiconductor MEMS 3D Optical Inspection. C42 8k Deep Depth-of-Field Cameras. Space Approved 3D Cameras. 3D Deep Sea Underwater. Shack Hartmann Wavefront Microlens Array Technology. PIV 3D Particle Trajectories in Time and Space Software that open lfr file - Lytro Illum digital photo. Programs supporting the exension lfr on the main platforms Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile. Click on the link to get more information about Lytro Desktop for open lfr file action. Multiplatform: Lytro Desktop. lfr file editor and apps that can edit lfr file - Lytro Illum digital photo Lytro's processing software just received a significant update. Lytro Desktop 4.1 provides some new and very useful features for users of the Illum light field camera, including Focus Spread, which allows photographers to pick beginning and ending points for depth of focus. The video above demonstrates the capabilities of Focus Spread Revoluční fotoaparáty Lytro definitivně končí. 4. 4. 2018, 9:46. Vedení společnosti Lytro, které strojí za stejnojmennými fotoaparáty, oficiálně oznámilo svůj konec. Podnik zaniká navzdory tomu, že se nedávno objevily spekulace o tom, že se jej chystá koupit společnost Google. Informoval o tom server DP Review GitHub Stars program Intro page for dev.lytro.com CSS 2 4 0 0 Updated Jan 30, 2015. aws-missing-tools Forked from cloudavail/aws-missing-tools Extensions to Amazon's AWS CLI Tools. Shell 422 0 0 0 Updated Jan 9, 2015. monit-gem Forked from matiaskorhonen/monit Ruby interface for Monit.

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Lytro Photos. The 3D photos on this page were created with the Lytro camera. (See below for info about how they were created.) For the 3D effect, view each pair of images with crossed eyes (view the left image with the right eye, and vice versa. A 3D image will appear in the center when the images are properly fused. It gets easier with practice PlenoptiCam Description. PlenoptiCam is an open-source software (macOS, Win or Linux) for scientific light field computation with cross-platform compatibility, few dependencies and a lean graphical user interface.Raw exposures from a plenoptic camera require four-dimensional image alignment in order to be decoded as a light field Lytro ILLUM is a light field camera and software platform designed to redefine the way we portray the world around us. Harnessing the full power of the light field, the Lytro ILLUM gives photographers a unique way of capturing visual experiences — not as a static cross-section of reality but an interactive win Like Lytro's original Light Field Camera, the Illum is able to produce 'living images' which allow the user to shift the point of focus after the shot has been taken. It sounds incredible, but out. Lytro abre un programa para desarrolladores muy exclusivo. Una cámara que quiere revolucionar la fotografía. Durante el primer cuatrimestre del año, Lytro, la compañía financiada por crowdfunding, presentó la 'Lytro Illum'. La cámara de profundidad de luz que permite que sus fotografías tengan foco selectivo se volvió en una.

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  1. LFP File Format. LFP is a new file format used by Lytro Cameras and Lytro Desktop app for RAW and Processed picture files, as well as storing camera software and information.. LFP Picture files have a .lfp extension, and among these, the name of the processed picture files end in -stk.lfp, where stk stands for refocuse stack. Embadding JPEG data with some additional refocus data, the stk.
  2. The Lytro camera is the first consumer camera that records the entire light field-all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene-instead of a flat 2D image. Shoot first, focus later By capturing the light field, you can do incredible things
  3. Lytro unlocks a new level of creative freedom and flexibility for filmmakers with the introduction of Lytro Cinema, the world's first Light Field solution for film and television. The breakthrough capture system enables unparalleled flexibility in complete virtualization of the live action camera on set and in post-production
  4. imal senilai Rp. 75.000,- (tidak termasuk ongkir). Anda sudah bisa ikut dalam program afiliasi lytro.id; Komisi afiliasi sebesar 9% untuk level 1 dan 7% untuk level 2 dan 3% untuk level 3

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  1. Lytro. Lytro was founded in 2006 by Executive Chairman Ren Ng, whose Ph.D. research on Light Field imaging won Stanford University's prize for best thesis in computer science. In late 2015, Lytro announced the world's first Light Field solution for Virtual Reality (VR), Lytro Immerge, that was quickly followed by the 2016 launch of Lytro Cinema, the world's first Light Field capture system.
  2. After passing through the security entrances, I get to an office, read emails and plan out my day. I set up meetings if necessary and jot down any activity or presentation at GSFC that catches my eye. Then, I head down to a lab where I get to work with this cool Lytro camera that uses light field technology to map out the depth values in a picture
  3. Lytro Desktop 4.0.4 kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Grafik & Foto finden Sie bei computerbild.de
  4. Lytro: Image Viewer. This is a proof of concept image reader and viewer for Lytro photos, written in PHP. Partially thanks to lfptools by nrpatel who reverse-engineered the LPF file format. This PHP version might help more people getting familiar with the format
  5. Lytro Desktop 5.0.1 est disponible gratuitement au téléchargement dans notre logithèque. appartient à la sous-catégorie Visualisateurs et éditeurs de Photos et Graphismes. Ce logiciel gratuit a été à l'origine créé par Lytro, Inc. Pour l'installation du programme, vous trouverez le plus fréquemment le fichier d'installation sous le.
  6. Le Lytro Illum, c'est tout un concept. Mieux, c'est tout un art de vivre. Surtout, le Lytro Illum vient totalement chambouler votre perception de la photographie, votre rapport au cadrage, à la.
  7. Die Lytro Illum hebt sich im Praxis-Test von der gesamten Kamera-Konkurrenz ab. Die Technik der Lichtfeld-Fotografie ist bahnbrechend, wegweisen und bereitet nach etwas Einarbeitung erstaunlich.

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  1. Společnost Lytro udělala definitivní tečku za stejnojmennými fotoaparáty už v loňském roce. Přístroje byly zcela unikátní, neboť dovolovaly vytvářet bez nadsázky až zázračné snímky. Některé parametry momentek totiž bylo možné upravovat až po vyfocení, a tak si amatéři nemuseli lámat hlavu s kompozicí. Právě zmiňované přednosti jsou patrně hlavním.
  2. With the new software, images taken by Lytro's Illum camera and processed with its desktop program can be made compatible with Google Cardboard, Samsung's Gear VR, or other stereo image viewers.
  3. Showing Lytro's light field image with depth information. Depth data is grabbed from .lfp using lfptools. It only contains 20x20 depth map, so the quality is not so good but it could be used for rough reconstruction of 3D model from light field image
  4. The Lytro Illum has been described as bringing the power of computer 3D graphics to photography, which is an interesting take, and, if you choose the right subject and results turn out well, there is the real wow factor of it being a more immersive experience than can be gained from a flat 2D print

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  1. Building the world's most powerful Light Field platform enabling artists, scientists and innovators to pursue their goals with an unprecedented level of freedom and control
  2. Lytro is also adding some new retail partners ahead of the holidays. You will be able to get the camera from Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com, and select Target retail locations. The company is now able to.
  3. a graphics editing program such as Photoshop and it isn't an automated or accurate process. develop an automated image processing algorithm for generating anaglyphs using the rich information captured in a light-field image acquired from a Lytro Illum camera. II. METHODS Two automated image processing algorithms for generatin
  4. The open-source tool plenopticam is capable of extracting Lytro's raw images as a tiff file apart from other rendering functionalities. It is a standalone cross-platform application that only requires Python which comes with the executables found at
  5. Lytro's consumer cameras introduced the intriguing concept of being able to refocus your image after a shot was taken, but the execution wasn't quite convenient enough to catch on with the.
  6. 촛점을 맞출 필요가 없는 카메라가 나왔다는 기사가 뉴욕타임스에 실렸습니다. (A Start-Up's Camera Lets You Take Shots First and Focus Later: 기사의 내용을 요약하면, Lytro사의 창업자인 Ren Ng는 2006년 스탠포드대학 박사학위 논문(D I G I T A L L I G H T F I E L

So for its most particular buyers, Lytro offers animations, which let you program focus changes, pans, zooms, and perspective shifts, and publish a photograph that people watch rather than. This summer Lytro proposed to shake up photography by introducing in the fall the first commercial light-field camera, able to refocus pictures after the fact. But how does this technology work.

Lytro Ng Paper homework Lytro Ng Paper helpers who have done Masters in a specific degree. No matter if you ask us to do my math homework for me or do my programming homework, our homework Lytro Ng Paper helpers are always available to provide the best homework solutions Lytro has developed a plug-in for The Foundry's software Nuke giving the raw data a route into post-production suites where image manipulations such as a change in the depth of field, a shift in. Lytro is in the process of updating our Employee Referral Program. Please check back again soon. Administrator Log In EmployeeReferrals uses cookies to give you the best online experience. If you continue to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies.. LYTRO ILLUM's powerful in-camera software provides real-time feedback allowing for dramatic composition of every shot. Total Control: Perfect balance of tactile controls and touch interface. With a sleek design, LYTRO ILLUM pairs the controls of a high-end camera with a state-of-the-art 4 touchscreen for ultimate flexibility and control

The Lytro Immerge isn't a product that just anyone can run out and buy, as it's priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so Lytro is offering it on a subscription rental program On a related note, Lytro ships with a couple of new accessories too: an USB wall mount charger and a Tripod Mount. The price is of $399 / 330 Euro for 8 GB storage (350 pictures) and $499 / 413.

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The Lytro Illum camera improves your photography experience by capturing the light in the environment. Besides, the direction and brightness of light are harnessed to give you 3D pictures. Image Quality and Performance. The Lytro Illum camera is designed to capture 3D as opposed to 2D images For Lytro light field camera, the microlens array is hexagonally packed. As shown in Fig. 3 , microlens array is placed on the imaging plane of the conventional camera main lens. Then, optically sensitive device(CCD or CMOS) is parallel to the microlens array, and the distance between them is the focal length of the microlens array provides students with professional writing and editing assistance. We help them cope with academic assignments such as Lytro Ren Ng Thesis essays, articles, term and research papers, theses, dissertations, coursework, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, book reviews, etc. Lytro Ren Ng Thesis All delivered papers are samples meant to be used only for research purposes C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Lytro\cameras\sn-A000424242 Lytro Illum可以将其白色图像保存在SDCard上的压缩文件中,作为配对过程的一部分-参见Lytro关于创建这种配对的文献数据。数据文件夹或配对数据文件包含指定的文件被命名为:data.C.0,data.C.1等等 Lytro is not alone in championing the virtues of computational photography — basically any system where programming is used to reconstruct the final image — for the mass market

New Lytro Mobile App lets you view and interact with 'living pictures' on iOS devices Lytro has just introduced a new companion iOS app for its line of light-field cameras. August 20 Aldrin Calimli Lytro ist als Systemdienst-programme kategorisiert. Van de ontwikkelaar: Lytro enables you to manage and customize the pictures on the camera. The application was specifically built to come in need for the end-user in times when he needs to manage the pictures on his camera Find out what works well at lytro from the people who know best. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team's work-life balance. Uncover why lytro is the best company for you

Lytro is back with a new light-field camera, called the Illum, aimed at hobbyist and professional photographers alike. Unlike its predecessor, the device looks like a full-frame digital SLR with a. This is absolutely true, because we want to facilitate our Lytro Ren Ng Thesis clients as much as possible. As a result, apart from low prices, we also offer the following to Lytro Ren Ng Thesis every student who comes to us by saying, I don't want to do my homework due to shortage of time Lytro Ren Ng Thesi Lytro Announces Availability of Lytro Mobile for iOS. New app lets people experience and share light field pictures on the go. Mountain View, Calif. - June 19, 2013 - Lytro, Inc., creator of.

Depthy shows Google Camera Lens Blur photos with 3D parallax effect and creates animated GIFs from them. Plus extracts the depth map and enables you to create your own Lytro Desktop is able to export your pictures as light field RAW files and view your light field pictures as custom animations, in 3D, or as traditional 2D images. You can adjust aperture, shift focal planes, tilt, rotate, do pretty much anything with your Living Pictures

Lytro has raised a total of $140M in funding across 3 rounds. Lytro last raised $50M false Lytro产品本身十分有趣,同时毫无疑问是一款极具创新性的设备。但与之同时,利基受众和价格也限制了其在消费者市场的增长。这家公司原本共有130名员工,但在2015年宣布裁员,涉及人数达25-50人。同时,Lytro选择放弃原有的消费者市场,并转向VR领域 Lytro will ship the Illum in September (projected), and will cost $1,599. That's high-end DSLR territory, close to entry-level full-frame. But it shows what Lytro is thinking, that this is a. Earlier this year Lytro, the company behind the world's first consumer light field camera, made a monumental $50 million pivot into the VR space.. At the time, the company was rather quiet as to.

Tooling Program Manager Lytro Sep 2014 - Mar 2015 7 months. Mountain View, CA Consult with product designers, evaluate DFM reports, manage tooling and molding programs and suppliers.. Possumwood (named after Sandbox Tree) is a graph-based procedural sandbox, implementing concepts of graph-based visual programming in a simple interface. It is intended to provide a user-friendly and accessible UI for experimenting with common computer graphics algorithms and libraries (e.g., OpenGL, CGAL, WildMagic, OpenCV )

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Lytro Illum Light Field Digital Camera Memory Card 2 x 16GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Cards (2 Pack) View Product Deeteck Compact Digital Video Camera,24MP HD Photo Cameras for YouTube,Mini Camcorders 8X Zoom Gift for Teens,Kids,Adults,Photography,Vlogging,Travel,Camping,Recording with Wide Angle Len & 16GB Car With the ILLUM Light Field Camera from Lytro you can experience breakthrough photography with the first high-end camera that lets you capture and harness the power of light field, allowing you to create living pictures. Explore focus, perspective, and depth of field in a single picture. Lytro software lets you transform those pictures into cinematic animations that can be experienced on. Focus control and Lytro camera. The Lytro Camera, the Light Field camera, is the first camera that lets you refocus anywhere on the image after you've shot it, from within the camera, your computer or even after uploading them to a website. Currently photos can be uploaded and shared to Facebook and Twitter or at lytro.com The two new features that will soon appear in Lytro's Desktop software are called Perspective Shift and Living Filters. Perspective Shift is the one we've been expecting. It uses the light. Pour désinstaller complètement Lytro Desktop, vous pouvez utiliser Revo Uninstaller (version Pro) de la société Revo.. Revo Uninstaller, outre ses capacités natives, fondamentales, à désinstaller le plus complètement possible les applications inconnues qui lui sont présentées, dispose d'une immense base de données contenant tous les détails de désinstallations complètes d.

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Sankeibiz reports that Panasonic has developed a Lightfield digital system camera. It works just like the well-known [shoplink 54342 ebay]Lytro camera (here on eBay)[/shoplink]. The camera allows you to refocus the image in post production (see the official Panasonic example above) . note:: Pick folder checkbox is useful to point to a directory containing calibration archive files of Lytro Illum cameras. In such case, the white image calibration file corresponding to the Lytro Illum image is found automatically

Simple Booth. If you are looking for an efficient and free windows webcam software, then Simple Booth is the right choice for you. With Photo Booth, you can make video calls and integrate the software with social media. This best webcam recording software lets you take pictures and share them. Simple-Booth Lytro Illum's 40 Megaray customised sensor, with Lytro's patented microlens array technology, unlocks the ability to capture the colour, intensity and direction of the light rays flowing into the camera. This allows you to create imagery on a truly experiential canvas Notre site web vous offre de télécharger gratuitement Lytro 4.3.3. Notre antivirus a scanné ce téléchargement, il est garanti 100% sécurisé. Parmis les utilisateurs de ce programme, les versions les plus téléchargées sont les versions 3.1 et 1.0. Ce programme gratuit a été à l'origine créé par Lytro Ready to draw, design, cut, code, program, register, manage, hook-up, paint & assemble a wide range of products for you or your business. See work Digital desig Lytro Ng Dissertation now with quick essay paper writing and we are at your service, delivering you 100% custom essays. We're not just any essay website. We're Lytro Ng Dissertation the perfect last minute essay writing service you need Lytro Ng Dissertation that does not only deliver on time but provides essays of top-notch quality too

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Lytro wants to bring changes to the photography world, and the Illum is them attempting to do just that. The camera comes equipped with a 40-megaray light-field sensor, and I didn't make a typo there. That massive sensor is what'll give us the ability to process the focus in post-production. After the focusing points are flattened out, in. Lytro is a camera that takes photos using the new light field picture (LFP) format. Traditional cameras capture a single plane of light, whereas the Lytro captures the entire field of light surrounding a subject or object If Lytro's first camera offered us a sneak peek at the promise of light field photography, the company's second-generation product swings those doors wide open. A far cry from the toy-like. The opportunity sometimes out weighs the return. Lytro has a fantastic innovative solution, the struggle is in finding a method to explaining and expressing value to the public. Extremely tough task for the most seasoned product management and product marketing teams. Lytro's teams are struggling to provide a concise, consistent message Which Lytro Gen 1 Camera are good in the current market? plumbaroakland.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo.

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The team behind the Lytro light field camera has finally released a desktop application client for Windows PCs, although it is limited to Windows 7 64-bit versions Vertrauenswürdiger Mac Download Lytro KOSTENLOS. Virenfreier und 100 % sicherer Download. Schauen Sie sich alternative Downloads von Lytro an Ever since Lytro joined the 500px community, we've been hooked on the Living Pictures that they've been sharing. The images shot with the new LYTRO ILLUM feature a neat 3D effect that you can't find in any other photo files. With Lytro's new light field technology, your viewers and followers can interact with your photos by changing the point of focus and perspective

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Lytro's first four partners in its new developer program are NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, General Sensing, the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (part of the Department of. Vertrauenswürdiger Windows (PC) Download Lytro Desktop KOSTENLOS. Virenfreier und 100 % sicherer Download. Schauen Sie sich alternative Downloads von Lytro Desktop an

0: 20: 40: 60: 80: 100: 120: 140: 160: 180: 200: Intended Use. Cross Countr 本文针对的是从Lytro One 和Lytro Illumn 中获取原始数据我在VS中配置了该程序(代码见:)最后可以成功运行,通过命令行运行;过程如下1.fopen 与fopen_s的问题,_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS 警告,网上有些现成的解决方法,同意可以通过; 解决方法: 右击工程 - 属性 - 配置属性 - C/C++ - 命令 Lytro CEO Ren Ng founded the company in 2006 after completing a dissertation on light field photography at Stanford in 2006 in computer science and winning the best dissertation award. Previously. A depth estimation algorithm from plenoptic images is presented. There are two stages to estimate the depth. First is the initial estimation base on the epipolar plane images (EPIs). Second is the refinement of the estimations. At the initial estimation, adaptive window matching is used to improve the robustness. The size of the matching window is based on the texture description of the sample.

Well, actually, Lytro has come back with an 'Illum,' which is the name of a new camera that the company says, advances the light field category from novelty to game-changing visual medium. The Lytro Illum Light Field Black Digital Camera (NA) create breakthrough photography, capturing life in a different light. LYTRO ILLUM is the first high-end camera to harness the entire light field - to retain the richness and depth of a scene Step 1: Connect the digital camera or mobile phone to your computer with a USB cable that can transfer files. Step 2: Turn your digital camera or mobile phone on and unlock it. Your PC can't find the device if the device is locked. Step 3: On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app Introducing Lytro Illum, the first high-end camera that harnesses the power of light field - capturing the direction, color and brightness of the rays of light within the frame. That means the ability to explore your pictures from different perspectives, focal points and dimensions. A new era of photography has arrived

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Windows 10 can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit processor architectures. If you have a desktop or laptop running the 32-bit version, you can upgrade to the 64-bit version without acquiring a new license Télécharger les modèles 3D de Lytro en FBX, OBJ, 3DS, C4D ☝ et autres formats de fichiers pour 23 logiciels. Les modèles sont prêts à être rendus Lytro ILLUM 40.0MP Digital Camera - Black. I have two of these and this listing is only for the brand new one which is boxed and never used. I bought this one when I heard they were being discontinued as a backup to my existing one but now no longer need it. They no longer make these and was sold for around £1000 RRP Especially, commercial light field cameras, such as Lytro and Raytrix, have been released. But calibrating light field cameras is still an open and challenging problem. In this paper, we present a new imaging model and a calibration method for Lytro camera, which makes its imaging process be easy to understand LFP is a new file format used by Lytro Cameras and Lytro Desktop app for RAW and Processed picture files, as well as storing camera software and information. LFP Picture files have a .lfp extension, and among these, the name of the processed picture files end in -stk.lfp, where stk stands for refocuse stack

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Lytro's light-field camera will enable shooters to refocus their images after snapping them. The new device remains shrouded in mystery, but a Lytro spokesperson did shed a bit more light on light. Startup Lytro has brought Silicon Valley-style innovation to the photography world with its light field camera. The device enables people to do previously unheard of things such as take photos. Lytro 3.7 V 3760mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. SKU: LYBP MFR: B2-0022. This item is no longer available. Lytro 3.7 V 3760mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. $59.99. Overview. Compare. Overview Film Loft | NY brings together those individuals working to produce, write, direct, shoot, and edit content for the screen. The goal is to share thoughts, ideas and promote collaboration. To that end, our workshops explore the connection between creatives Lytro Inc. Lytro Inc was founded in 2006. The company's line of business includes the retail sale of cameras, film, and other photographic supplies and equipment

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The new Lytro camera has introduced not only new technology but the urge to alter focus after the fact. Here's how to do this on your own camera without a Lytro. Any video editing program will. Lytro Light Field Camera raw image files: The program uses the same LFP format as that of programs developed by IPRO, which contain information used to build a database and display project images. This file format is classified as Database. Technical Data for LFP File Extension

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File:Lytro Logo.svg. Size of this PNG preview of this SVG file: 756 × 168 pixels. Other resolutions: 320 × 71 pixels | 640 × 142 pixels | 800 × 178 pixels | 1,024 × 228 pixels | 1,280 × 284 pixels | 2,560 × 569 pixels Wie kann ich die App herunterladen ? Es gibt nicht die Predator Sense App, sondern jedem Acer Predator Notebook ist eine auf das jeweilige Modell zugeschnittene App zugeordnet (die auf nicht passenden Modellen nicht installiert werden kann). Such dir also hier auf der Acer Treiber und Handbücherwebseite dein Modell aus (Beispiel)

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Lytro desktop tools offer features including zooming, changing the focus, depth of field and perspective after the picture has already been taken. The Lytro desktop tools also give you the ability to transform pictures into dynamic animations that can be experienced on desktop, mobile devices and in 3 Right click on the value named ProgramFilesDir & click modify to change the default value C:\Program Files to the path you want to install all your programs in. Click OK Exit. Windows, by default, will now install your programs in the new drive or path

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文章相关引用及参考:roadtovr 将开发者从当前实时渲染的限制中解放出来。 (映维网 2017年10月24日)Lytro曾经是一家面向消费者领域的光场相机企业,但现在他们已经转向研发高端的制作工具。 映维网获悉,Lytro发布了一款针对VR的光场渲染软件,名为Volume Tracer,而其目标基本上是将开发者从.

With support for 360-degree YouTube videos, PlayStation VR