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Arknights Wiki, Database, News, and Community for the Arknights Player Arknights Wiki | Fandom. Welcome to Rhodes Island. The world of Arknights is constantly plagued by natural disasters called Catastrophes. Their causes and origins are unknown, but it has caused most civilizations to adopt a mobile, nomadic life-style. In the wake of these Catastrophes, a substance called originium is left behind

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タワーディフェンスゲーム「Arknights(明日方舟)」の攻略wikiです For detailed information about this series, visit the Arknights Wiki. 1 Summary 2 Power of the Verse 3 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral 3.1 Supporters 3.2 Opponents 3.3 Neutral 4 Characters 4.1 Operators Arknights is a tower defense mobile role-playing game developed by Hypergryph and YOSTAR. The physical strength of characters ranges greatly, while the high-tier characters are suggested to be. 日本未実装キャラの大陸版での実装順ってどこかで分かりませんか?. 山さん出ないけどどこまで追うかの参考にしたい -- [ gOrGE9mli96] 2021-06-28 (月) 16:23:03. メニューに未実装イベント一覧あるからそこでわかるよ. 一応大陸での順番は、マウンテン→アル. Current Features : Compare up to 4 operators. Changeable level and elite status. Adjustable slot number. Open. Leveling Calculator [WIP

Xin chào các Doctor, chào mừng đến với Arknights VN Wiki. Arknights (Tên tiếng Trung 明日方舟 - Minh Nhật Phương Chu) là 1 trò chơi điện thoại theo thể loại tower defense, phát triển bởi Hypergryph và Studio Montagne trên 2 hệ điều hành Android và iOS 首页 - PRTS - 玩家自由构筑的明日方舟中文Wiki. 下方可能显示赞助商链接。. 了解详情. 干员档案. OPERATORS. 敌人档案. ENEMIES Русский wiki сайт по мобильной игре Arknights. Новости. Гайды. Сюжет на русском. База персонажей, анализ боевых характеристик и многое друго 当wikiの目的について † 中国で展開中のスマホアプリ「アークナイツ(明日方舟)」を日本語訳して 日本人でも「アークナイツ」を遊びやすくできればと思い、本wikiを設立しました。 Yostar社から日本版をリリースする予定であることが公式発表されました

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Arknights (明日方舟 in cinese) è un videogioco cinese per Mobile sviluppato da Studio Montagne e Hypergryph.Il titolo fu pubblicato il 1º maggio 2019 in Cina e successivamente in tutto il mondo il 16 gennaio 2020, edito da Yostar.Il gioco è disponibile sulle piattaforme iOS ed Androi Arknights is a mobile game for the Android and iOS platforms. It features real-time battles, recruitable characters and the ability to design a home. 1 Premise 2 Gameplay 3 Characters 4 External Links 5 Navigation Take on the role of a key member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that fights both a deadly infection and the unrest it leaves in its wake. Together with your leader Amiya. Список оперативников Arknights. Здесь вы найдете список всех боевых персонажей, которые добавлены в нашу wiki базу. Оперативников можно отфильтровать по классу. База поддерживается энтузиастами. • r/arknights Wiki - A compilation of many tools, resources, and guides on various topics. • Frequently Asked Questions • Operator Guide Repository • List of Operator Discussion threads • Arknights Toolbox (aceship) • Penguin Statistics • GP Arknights Wiki Arknights Gameplay - Tower Defense Mobile Game. Arknights is an mobile game set in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. As the new commander, your task is to command your Operator squads to repel the horrors from annihilating what is left of the world

明日方舟Wiki是由一群像你一样的爱好者一同建立的,我们欢迎同好与我们交流讨论任何! 如果你有意愿帮助我们编辑、提供干员数据、帮助我们宣传等任何帮助,欢迎加群!我们急缺热心的游戏爱好者!854954210 加入前,请详细阅读【人员招募】 Arknights_EN. Jun 01 at 08:00 am. Dear Doctor, the submission period of the #ContingencyContract Operation Cinder Video Contest has begun! Please don't hesitate, you could be the rewards winner!Submission time: May 28 - June 11, 04:00 (UTC-7)Entry: https://ccvideocontest.arknights.global #Arknights #Yostar How To Use : 1. Change the 'Game Server' drop down on the top right according to your AK client region. 2. Change the language of the user interface to your preference

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